Laughing Leprechaun was formed in 2015 to provide high quality, environmentally friendly products that can be refilled, reused, and recycled after multiple uses. We currently are focused on stainless steel home goods that provide an alternative to plastic and other one time use bottles and containers.

The logo was created as a voice to remind all of us to "Laugh more and Live green."   We encourage being green in a fun way.   We are proud of our heritage and love celebrating all things Irish.  Thus, The  Laughing Leprechaun. 

 We are a small family business encouraging people to reduce their use of plastic containers.  We believe that one person using one less plastic container a week, can have a significant impact on our landfills.  Everyone doing a little bit can really add up.  We are confident that our products will help in this endeavor.  Our mission is to eliminate 1,000,000 plastic water bottles or cups from entering our landfills.

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