14oz Stemless Glasses


14oz Stemless Glasses


Set of two 14 oz. stainless steel drink glasses for hot or cold beverages 

These Beautiful Drinking Glasses Will Be Truly Appreciated for Years!

  • Are you looking for a unique, fun gift? 
  • Have you purchased nice glasses that chip or break after only a few uses?  
  • Do your "good glasses" sweat and stain your table or soak your papers?

Smile and Enjoy These 14 oz. Dual Purpose Shatterproof Cups

  • Electro Polished 18/8 Premium Stainless Steel will not break or chip if tipped or dropped.
  •  Fill with an ice cold beer or drink and it will stay cold for hours(without condensation on the outside of the glass). 
  • Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee straight from your coffee maker. Your hand will feel warm but it will not burn and the coffee will stay hot all morning.  FYI, The teardrop shape may not fit in all car cup holders. 
  • Fun Laughing Leprechaun logo makes a unique gift. The set comes packed in a nice box ready to be wrapped. Your gift will be remembered for years. 
  • Press Fit slide action lid will minimize splashes and spills. The lid will also help to maintain your drink temperature longer. It is not completely leak proof - but it helps! 
  • PURE FRESH TASTE! Electro-polished interior will not retain odors or flavor from previous fillings and no plastic taste.


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